Saturday, 22 September 2012

one for the mums: $40 clothing spree wheeeeee

With Spring well and truly here, in weather as well as season (last year I was wearing a sweater in early December), my current, pared-down, breastfeeding friendly wardrobe just wasn't cutting it. I fell in love with these great vintage style T's from Old Navy, which are a phenomenal price point as well as a perfect cut, but then sufferered devastation and despair when I saw the dreaded 'P' word (Polyester. Ew). Although they are only 53% polyester, and do contain cotton, I still think that blend might get out of hand in an Australian summer. I like to walk a lot and see no need to smell bad as a result. Joy of joys, then, when I spotted the T's in the left photo at Kmart. 100% cotton, $7! Hurray!

Kmart also came up trumps with the two scarves in the middle picture, which were $8 each. They have enlivened so many of my existing favourites. Finally, because I can't resist a brilliant bargain, the two 3/4 sleeve maternity T's at right were out of season and therefore reduced to $5 each. They are a style that is universally flattering and so easy to wear. To me, that makes them worth packing away for the next pregnancy, to avoid the oh-lordy-I-am-now-massively-huge expensive online impulse buy.
The $7 T's are available in a few more colour combinations and there are other great scarves in store.

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