Monday, 30 July 2012

a word on sustainable shopping

I sometimes feel concerned to read about the latest must-have eco item. Reusable bags, reusable coffee cups, eco-fashion, eco Coke bottle. How many of these items will we use for years and years to come?

Weren't our grandparents far more green than we are?

I read recently that 'green marketing is the new black'. Do any of the items listed above actually justify their production cost?  What if furniture made from recycled bottles quietens the concern we should feel over just how many plastic bottles we go through? How often are we being sold brilliant marketing more than brilliant solutions?

I am trying to be mindful of the hype that surrounds products- green or otherwise. Sensible, loving shopping is my aim. Yes I will shop, but as much as possible in ways that are inherently more sustainable than shop-as-entertainment, shop-as-therapy or shop-dispose-rebuy.

Every item we purchase sends a message; stores ultimately stock only what we buy. Imagine if we only ever shopped to...

buy quality... buy once... take great care of our belongings... buy only what we love and pass on those items we don't... buy natural, sustainable materials... buy vintage...
buy less and love it more. 

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