Tuesday, 3 July 2012

organise it: earrings

Being more than a little interested in tracking down and buying material possessions, I have to be careful to organise and display them carefully so as not to be living in a junk shop / utter mess / single room of our flat.

As such my husband has a variety of stock jokes about our vast collection of boxes and baskets, and this collection is augmented by other methods of storage and display, such as this earring storage and display solution.

Over the years I have had this (I made it in my late teens) I have been surprised at how many different ways I can display it, and how it can look at home as part of a more traditional vignette; for example, within a cluster of gold-framed pictures and photos. I have also used a plate stand to display at times when it did not work to lean it against the wall.

It is simply a frame with mesh from the hardware store (such as that used in household screens) stapled or thumbtacked on. Just be sure to buy the mesh that is wire-based rather than the plastic version.

'Where Can We Find It' is dedicated not only to finding and buying gorgeous, low-cost items for the home and lifestyle, but also to organising and displaying them in traditional or innovative ways that work. Again, post a comment and check for ideas if some of your bits and pieces have you stumped.

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