Sunday, 15 July 2012

a word on natural fibres and one for the home: patterned sheets

As you may have noticed, at 'where can we find it' natural fibres always win. They breathe better and as such feel so much more pleasant against the skin. My shopping often presents as a sudden dart across each store to the designs that grab me, followed by an unruly scramble for the care tag. Sadly, this ritual often ends in a tag dropped in disgust. I do not wear polyester. My baby, the Pea, does not wear polyester. We do not sleep on polyester and nor is our dining table ever clad in polyester. And while this may seem a more than slightly obsessive rant, I feel smugly glad of my vigilance every time I touch the fabrics in our home.
In my incessant lusting over linens I came across this gorgeous trio:


I adore good white sheets, especially embroidered ones, and find them so easy to wash; a good soak in Napisan is sufficient to remove most stains. Having said this, however, I bought some ticking stripe sheets from the range in the second picture and have found that they age really well. As for the third picture, I'm trying to restrain myself. How lovely and how timeless.

I have bought two sets of sheets from ezibuy and experienced prompt and efficient service. There are free shipping deals available.

Let's all get that lovely-hotel-sheet feeling every day. What sheets make you happy?

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