Thursday, 5 July 2012

one for the bubs: striped merino onesie

Another natural fibre beauty for the little ones: these 100% merino wool onesies are available at Aldi from Wednesday 11 July 2012.

They are stocking sizes 000 to 2 and cost $14.99. Hurrah for Aldi!

Thanks to the girls who have let me know the products and ideas they are searching for. Please post a comment if I can help you find it!


  1. Oh thanks for the tip Gigi! Absolutely am going to be heading to Aldi next week! What a bargain for merino! Hoorah for Aldi!

  2. My Happyness, glad you like it! After looking at merino onesies online for $30-40, I was so happy to find these!

  3. I bought one of their merino body suits for my bub and they're really nice and soft, good quality and price!! going to try and get one of these onesies today.

    1. I spoke to a friend today who was in one Aldi at 10:30 and they had sold out. Her mother tried another store and it was the same story! Apparently they were queueing up for them. Darn it all!